Let's Talk Success!

Hot Chocolate is a hit in New Zealand!


With the 2018 ski season fast approaching and New Zealander’s gearing up to enjoy the ski fields, JDE noticed an opportunity within the cafes. We noticed that the baristas were making trays of hot chocolate drinks for families at the Happy Valley café and the wait times for coffee often exceeded 20 mins due to the baristas having to make hot chocolates. This seemed like a waste of time that could be spent making coffee drinks, therefore we noticed the opportunity.




With JDE’s Cafitesse Hot Chocolate offer, we saw a solution to the problem. With the change in management we took the opportunity to pitch Cafitesse as a cheaper but quality cup of hot chocolate due to the reduction in labour required and secondly increasing coffee sales through baristas focusing solely on coffee.  


We installed a NG120 in three cafes on the Whakapapa ski field and two cafes on the Turoa ski field in June, which has been pumping out Cafitesse Chocolate non-stop! Going through 15 bricks a day, we have to say – we love a good cup of hot chocolate on a snowy mountain!