Let's Talk Taste!

Cafitesse as a secret tool for the perfect flavor!

When coffee lovers use their imagination, great tasting creations are the result! Find out how Cafitesse has taken the flavor of the following treats to the next level!

A piece of information that will enthuse all Cafitesse and chocolate lovers!

Tom’s is one of the largest chocolate and candy producers in the Nordic area with an annual production of 50,000 tons of chocolate and sugar confectionery and  they chose our Cafitesse to fill their delicious Anthon Berg Chocolate Coffee Liqueurs.

Great coffee and chocolate, that’s a combination that can’t miss!

For those that prefer a lighter desert, we have a great alternative!

Perfect World is a UK based company that offers delicious Espresso flavored Ice-cream! This tasty desert is a very healthy, non-dairy product that uses Cafitesse to achieve this great and rich coffee flavor.

Grab a spoon and enjoy!

Rians is a French dairy company that produces traditional products like cheese, yoghurt and deserts. 

They use the freshest ingredients to offer restaurant-quality products and have been loyal customers for over 12 years, ordering our Cafitesse Medium Roast blend for their coffee flavored desert, “L'Onctueux Café plaisir Arabica”.

The convenience of mixing Cafitesse with the other ingredients, together with its great taste and quality has made this combination a success !