Let's Talk Cafitesse!

Bells are jingling, the smell of fresh baked cookies is irresistible and the candies are hard to avoid. It’s almost Christmas and time for our newest Cafitesse Newsletter!


From the lovely UK to the adventurous New Zealand, people love Cafitesse and the stories below are proof! Whether you are at a favorite fast food restaurant or enjoying a yummy scoop of ice-cream, Cafitesse pops up with its great taste and quality!


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Let's Talk Success!

Apart from serving huge buckets filled with delicious chicken wings, KFC also knows how to serve great coffee! 

Let's Talk Taste!

Coffee flavored desserts found their ally in Cafitesse! 

Let's Talk Success!

Cafitessse is becoming the next hot thing in New Zealand's ski resorts! 

Let's Talk Cafitesse!

Ready to challenge the Perfect Cafitesse Pitch? 

All about Cafitesse!

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Let's Talk Cafitesse!

Gaining awareness through sponsorships! 

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